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May 31, 2005
Our Top video ever!

Pop Fly - The Alula is a small glider that can fly about anywhere. So it does. Music video meets RC flight. 17.6 MB

July 11, 2007

Feels Like Flying - There's something about flying that takes me back. This video won 2nd place in the 1st Annual Slope Aerobatics Video Contest put on by my buddy Steve of www.slopeaerobatics.com
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13.7 MB

February 23, 2007

Fear Loading - I'm faced with flying the heaviest, fastest plane I've ever owned.
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January 30, 2007

Head Cam Man - Yesterday I stuck my camera on my helmet and shot this video of me flying the Spinner over Douglas Pass, Colorado. Do not attempt this without professional help. Um...
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Older Computer: 13.3 MB

December 28, 2006

Summer Slope Camp - Collage of flying scenes from a small weekend gathering of pilots at Lands End, Colorado, July 2006.
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December 05 , 2006

San Juan Canyon Soaring - The Spinner soars over the stunning Goosenecks of the San Juan River in southeast Utah. From November 2006.
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September 03 , 2006

Take You Down - Foamie combat action from Willaims Peak, Colorado on August 19-20, 2006. Crank it up!


August 27, 2006

Quick - A collection of time-lapse scenes of sunshine and sky taken while out flying in Colorado and Hawaii.


May 31, 2006

Dust and Wind - Scenes from the 2006 Western Colorado Slope Challenge, in Montrose, Colorado.


May 2 , 2006

Talus - maiden flight - A prototype EPP glider gets its first chance to fly. Ed Berg design.


November 12, 2005

The Scythe - More scenes from Raven Ridge. The Spinner in excellent lift, some DS, and an interlude of flying in the rock desert near Moab, Utah.

24.8 MB

November 1, 2005

Raven Ridge - Scenes from my "home" slope. Includes some DS with the Spinner DLG. Near Grand Junction, Colorado. [Questionable Content?]

23.2 MB

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Mothballed Video from the distant LavaWing past.

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What is this website all about?
These photos and videos show the sport/hobby of radio controlled slope soaring. These model planes have no motor to power them, but instead use natural lift to stay in the sky. When wind hits a ridge or cliff, the air is forced upward, and a glider -- which would normally slowly sink downward as it flies -- can remain aloft.

The pilot holds a radio that sends signals to a receiver inside the glider, allowing the plane's control surfaces -- rudder, elevator, ailerons, etc -- to be manipulated. With skill and lift, the pilot can not only keep the plane aloft, but attain high speeds and perform aerobatic maneuvers. Some of the gliders get an extra boost -- especially when lift is light -- from a hand throw or an elastic launcher.
Why do this?

Because it's clean, quiet, and really, really fun! And the view from the top of the hill is great.

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